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Welcome to Medicine Rocks Angus Ranch

Medicine Rocks Ranch Angus

The Mehling family welcomes you to our ranch and to this beautiful part of southestern Montana!


We are proud to be associated with and contributors and consumers of the registered Angus business.  Our goal since inception has been to raise a practical, moderate-framed, easy-fleshing and efficient type of angus that will work and make a profit for us and our customers.


You're always welcome at Medicine Rocks Ranch to view the cattle or to stop by to say hello.  Plan to take a little extra time to appreciate the unique beauty of this historically rich area, which includes the Medicine Rocks State Park.







Enjoy your visit and if this if your first or hundredth time here, please come back. We enjoy people and their interest in our cattle and ranch.  May the Lord bless you all.


Frank and Charlene

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