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Beaver Creek is a deep-ribbed, big-hipped, good- footed, calving ease, scale-crushing, wide-topped bull - all in a moderate frame. Truly the Cattleman's kind! He is the last calf that Med Rock 707 6I6 071 produced in her "no - miss career". She was a true matriarch in the Medicine Rocks herd.


Beaver Creek's dam had a mature weight of 1175 lbs., a perfect udder at 16 years of age, impeccable feet, and consistently weaned calves well above average (15 = WW Ratio 110). His paternal grand dam SAV BLACKCAP MAY 4136 is possibly the best cow to ever enter the Schaff Angus flush pen. When the cow is the backbone of your operation, remember, good cows run deep in Beaver Creek.

He is available for visitors at Medicine Rocks Ranch between Baker and Ekalaka, MT.

Med Rock Beaver Creek 628.jpeg

Med Rock Beaver Creek 628

Beaver Creek.jpg

Sitz Reload 411C is a maternal brother to Sitz Logic with a strong maternal pedigree. Use him to improve feet, add fleshing ability and conserve mature stature and weight.

Reload is primed and ready to become a high-use cowmaker in many commercial and registered herds.

Sitz Reload.jpg

Sitz Reload 411C

 Kphu 4055

Kphu 4055 is known as "Hula", as he was bred at Kukuipahu Ranch in Hawaii.

He has been a good addition to the sire lineup.  He exhibits extra hind quarter with a true herd bull presence and is siring moderate framed thick cattle. He has a good disposition and excellent feet.  We will certainly be seeing many more outstanding calves from him as we plan to use him much heavier in the future as he continues to impress us with his progeny. 

He is also available for visitors at Medicine Rocks Ranch between Baker and Ekalaka, MT.



Schiefelbein Effective 61 has made a name for himself as the ultimate customer pleaser. Seedstock or commercial, Effective calves are the right kind!


A calving ease superstar, that sires extremely complete, consistent calves no matter what your cow herd may be.  He has a reputation for no-miss calving ease and highly fertile semen leading to more live calves this calving season. 


His daughters are fault free, easy tempered females with excellent udders that offer the longevity every cattlemen seeks.


Schiefelbein Effective 61

EF Commando is one of the most talked about proven bulls in the breed. He offers an unmatched combination of traits that drive producer profitability, both phenotypically and genetically.

He provides no-miss calving ease and breed-leading growth in a moderate, mature-sized package.

Progeny are attractive, wide-bodied, big-hipped with sound feet and super dispositions. Few bulls can match his combination of CE, $W and $B along with the pedigree flexibility he provides.

EF Commando.jpg

EF Commando 1366

Big bodied with worlds of volume and stout made with ample muscle, S A V Reign 6845 offers the look of a power cowmaker.

Backed by the incomparable S A V Blackap May 4136, one of the all time great females of the breed - think of the females he will produce!

SAV Reign.jpg

S A V Reign 6845

CTS Remedy.jpg

CTS Remedy 1T01

CTS Remedy 1T01 is named appropriately due to his ability to fix leg issues in one generation.   He's a high customer satisfaction  bull that provides outcross genetics stacked with high maternal sires that have stood the test of time. 


He sires eye-appealing cattle that are deep-ribbed, level-hipped and possess structural integrity.


His daughters are deep and broody with excellent udder quality while his sons are powerful bulls that are wide-based stout-featured and are well accepted in the commercial sector of the beef business.

MAR Innovation 251 is a sound-structured, well-balanced and masculine bull with perfect feet, sound movement and fantastic disposition. Anchored by a tremendous cow family, he combines his herd-bull presence with a no-holes EPD profile. 

If you are wondering the definition of cow sense and science, look no further than Innovation.  A balanced EPD profile, daughters that are built to last and an impressive phenotype have made him a go-to sire.

mar innovation.jpg

MAR Innovation 251

Expect him to add pounds to your steers and sire the functional, hard working fault free daughters everyone wants in their herd.

s chisum 255.jpg

S Chisum 255 has proven to be a calving ease bull that adds depth and thickness to his progeny. 

While he is a no miss heifer bull, his greatest attribute may be his two year old daughters in production that excel for fleshing ability, udder quality, rib and volume, excellent feet and outstanding dispositions.

S Chisum 255

tehama tahoe.jpg

Tehama Tahoe B767 is a calving ease sire with explosive growth and added phenotype.  Excels for maternal value.  


A great combination for calving ease, performance, maternal traits and carcass merit.

Tehama Tahoe B767

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