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Charlene Mehling and Kelly Spring are passionate about the black angus breed and genetics.  Therefore, they find new sires that may provide what their friends and customers want.  You can see on the current sires page where we are today, and view these bulls to see where we came from.  

Medicine Rocks Ranch SAV Recharge 3436 Black Angus bull sire
  • A stout, powerful bull with excellent foot structure

  • He exhibits extra muscle shape and dimension and is noted for his outstanding breed character

  • A Docility leader at +37 and it shines through in his good manners

  • Calf reports indicate tremendous thickness with outstanding performance

  • Jorgenson Rito heritage coupled with the SAV Blackcap May family

SAV Recharge 3436

Medicine Rocks Ranch PA Power Tool 9108 Black Angus bull sire

Musgrave Aviator

  • ​Aviator has proven himself to be a tremendous calving-ease sire whose progeny are thick made with added bone and style. He is a "sleep-all-night" calving ease bull. 

  • Aviator is a high accuracy double-digit Calving Ease Direct and minus Birth Weight EPDs, great feet and docile disposition.  He offers a unique combination of balancing calving ease, muscle and phenotype. 

  • The dam of Aviator has been very productive with a birth ratio of 3@95 and a nursing ratio of 3@107. Great dispositions, hoof quality and structural soundness.

  • ​His progeny should withstand and prosper in harsh environmental conditions, demonstrating his widespread appeal to all segments of the cattle industry. 

  • Aviator is homozygous TT for the Leptin gene that is believed to improve feed efficiency, appetite, marbling and maternal strength.

Sprint is proving to be the source of unsurpassed early growth in the beef business. He is the product of breeding a high accuracy sire to a daughter of a high accuracy bull with a pedigree that stacks some of the breeds’ all-time greatest females ever.

His pedigree is also like a who's who in the breeding department with a careful blend of Traveler, Candolier Forever 376, Mytty in Focus, 6595, EXT, 036, Traveler 124 and Rito 707.  It's a cinch that his daughters will make fabulous mother cows.

Sprint is one of only three current sires in the breed that can match his unique specs and is as docile as the pedigree indicates.  You'll love his big, masculine hindquarters, tremendous length and the capacity he offers.

Medicine Rocks Ranch Bovagene Sprint of LCR angus sire

Bovagene Sprint of LCR

When you look at Contrast you see a herd bull with an eye appealing phenotype type and extremely correct feet that will last in the most rugged of conditions. His dam, Med Rock Gala 702 892, has a proven ability to produce outstanding progeny. A full brother to Contrast topped the 2013 production sale in Bowman, ND. Contrast is a proven heifer bull that sires calves that not only come on their own, but can get up and grow. While choosing a bull to build your herd around, you can count on Contrast to sire a truly great cow that will not only thrive in real ranch conditions, but will produce the pounds that pay in the ring.

Medicine Rocks Ranch Med Rock Contrast 702 091 angus sire

Med Rock Contrast 702 091

Really Windy is proving himself to be a go-to heifer bull in our program and his numbers reflect it. With a +12 CED he ranks in the to


p 10% of the entire Angus breed and will continue to prove himself as a sleep-all-night calving ease sire. The heifers we are seeing from him are certainly going to be that nice moderate keeper kind, so don't hesitate to give his sons a try.

Medicine Rocks Ranch Really Windy14N angus sire

Larsen Really Windy 14N

ROCK'N CC 552 was the 2016 high seller sold to Alkali Inc. (Mac Tooke) of Ekalaka, MT. He was used at Cedar Mesa Ranch in Colorado, along with Alkali Inc. and ourselves, with great success.


He was a sale stand-out with his quiet disposition and ability to sire calves that come easy and get up and grow. We are calving his first crop of daughters this year and they have quite even teats as well as impeccable bag structure. The new mommas are showing great manners and yet have the maternal know-how to get their new baby to his feet.


Med Rock Rock'n CC 552

Medicine Rocks Ranch Connealy Comrade 1385 Black Angus bull sire

HA Cowboy Up 5405

  • HA Cowboy Up 5405 is a performance powerhouse

  • He is in the top 1% of the breed in 7 traits: WW, YW, RADG, CW, $W, $F, $B

Medicine Rocks Ranch PA Power Tool 9108 Black Angus bull sire

    It Pays to Use the Right Tool

  • Big time curve bender spread, carcass merit and maternal value

  • He leads the breed in the key traits of calving ease, growth, docility, fertility and marbling

  • Progeny have been among the top averaging sire groups in many sales due to their data and design

  • Proven maternal sire that has earned a top 1% $W Index with feminine, nice uddered, highly productive females

PA Power Tool 9108

Medicine Rocks Ranch Connealy Comrade 1385 Black Angus bull sire

Connealy Comrade 1385

  • Superior settler, proven calving ease, high docility and superior daughters quickly labeled "the keeping kind". He is the top selling bull for the past two years at Select Sires, Inc.

  • Consistently sires low birth, attractive and rapidly growing cattle.

  • Over 1.0 for both Marb. and RE, providing added benefits where carcass merit is valued. 

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